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Being recognized as one of the top PPC advertising companies in Delhi, Digital Web Track endeavors to achieve our clients' objectives and generate leads from the appropriate audience within a specified budget.

  • Cost-Effective PPC Campaign
  • Advance Audiece Research
  • Detailed Campaign Analysis

Best Google PPC Advertising Company in Delhi : As a premier PPC advertising company in Delhi, Digital Web Track is committed to attaining our clients' objectives and capturing leads from the appropriate audience while adhering to budget constraints. Our digital marketing team implements a highly effective strategy to maximize the impact of every advertising campaign. With our PPC advertising services in Delhi, you can target specific keywords, display your ads on selected Google platforms, and reach your desired audience effectively.

Best Google Pay Per Click

Search ADS : Utilizing PPC search advertising enables you to efficiently reach a wider audience in a shorter span by displaying your ads at the top of Google SERP. With search advertising, your ads are presented to individuals actively seeking your products and services, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. With a proficient digital marketing team, Digital Web Track offers top-notch PPC advertising services in Delhi.

Dispaly ADS : Utilizing display advertising on Google is an effective method for retargeting users who have previously visited your website or made a purchase, especially when they are active on Google. By initiating a display advertising campaign, your ads will be showcased across various locations on Google where your targeted audience is present. In this campaign, we optimize ad placement by including content websites that have the potential to attract your desired audience.

Best Google PPC

Remarketing ADS : Remarketing ads, also known as retargeting ads, are an effective means of displaying your ads to users who are either existing customers or have previously shown interest in your products and services. Remarketing advertisements on Google operate at a lower cost. Our skilled digital marketing team employs a unique strategy for remarketing ads, as the audience being targeted is already familiar with what you offer.

Video ADS : Videos are highly effective in capturing user attention and driving engagement. Incorporating videos into your ads can significantly increase customer interaction. Moreover, videos are particularly adept at converting users into customers. Utilizing video ads to showcase your services, client testimonials, offers, etc., is an excellent strategy for enhancing brand awareness. Digital Web Track is one of the leading PPC advertising companies in Delhi, adept at meeting your expectations for video ads.

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Keyword Analysis

The initial phase of a PPC advertising campaign involves identifying the most effective keywords for your business. This includes analyzing the cost per keyword and estimating the potential return on investment associated with each one.

Competitor Analysis

Conducting competitor analysis is crucial for understanding the gap between your business and your competitors. At our company, we closely monitor our competitors' PPC advertising strategies. This allows us to gain valuable insights into which keywords are effective, who the target audience is, and what strategies can enhance the performance of your ads.


Target Audience Research

In the third phase, we conduct research to identify an audience with the highest likelihood of conversion after viewing your ads. Utilizing factors like demographics, geographical location, device preferences, and more, we pinpoint the optimal target audience primed to click on and engage with your ads.

Landing Page Analysis

In this stage, we examine the landing page that will be associated with your PPC advertisement. Here, we assess whether the page is fully optimized to effectively convert users into customers. If the landing page meets our criteria, we move forward to the fourth step.


Creating & Launching of Campaign

Following thorough analysis and research, the next step is to craft and initiate a PPC campaign. In this fourth phase, we optimize the advertisement by integrating target keywords and setting custom bids. As the premier PPC advertising agency in Delhi, we design ads engineered to convert users into customers.

Analytics & Reporting

Upon launching the advertisement, our last step involves monitoring its performance and providing you with a weekly report. We integrate your website with Google Analytics to obtain comprehensive data on the ad's performance and user response.